Daily Crazy

Pittsburgh is full of coffee shops. Tons of Starbucks and other places. One local franchise is Crazy Mocha (http://www.crazymocha.com/). Basic place.

Basic place but they build a community and the staff makes the difference. I  did not use to drink coffee in the morning. I was more a tea person. But I showed up and the guy at the counter was just friendly. And nice. He just asked how was the day, and over the days, remember my coffee flavor and prepare my order. Then, I started to show up regularly at the same time as other customer. And we start to discuss for one or two minutes. Because we feel welcome in that place.

Beyond just serving coffee, this guy was helpful to build the community. And just for that, I became a coffee person. And I keep enjoy my morning coffee every day when I pass Murray Avenue.

Daily Crazy

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