Run for Gold 2013: Race Report

At a glance

I registered to the Run for Gold 2013 edition. The race is very great: a lot of fun with a awesome view across Maryland and Pennsylvania. The idea is to run 26.2K between two states: Pennsylvania and Maryland, accross the Great Allegheny Passage. The race seems to have the support of the local community with a hotel that proposes a night with breakfast and a beer for around $30. Considering that the race registration is $10, this is one of the best deal I ever had.

The race itself is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it. The organization is very good, everything is well scheduled: a bus pick the runners at the hotel and go to the starting point. Then, we run, the finish line being next to the hotel so, you can pick up your stuff and come back easily. The post-race event is nice, with food options and a lunch. Very good and friendly.

One issue is the end of the race: you have to make a turn at mile 16 and there was no sign. We propose to add a sign for the race next year but the organizers seem to be against this proposal. Apart that, the organization was really good and I got a very good time here.

Pros and cons


  • Support of the local community
  • Good group and friendly environment
  • Amazing deal !
  • Great view on a path forbidden to cars and motorcycles (quiet environment !)


  • No sign at the end of the race

Let’s do it ?

If you consider doing a race at this time, go for it. Please be advised for the sign and make a turn around mile 16 to come back at the hotel. Many people missed the sign and continue to run … without anybodym they would have continue to go on the trail and probably get lost … having a sign cost nothing and could really help the runners … it is unfortunate that the organization crew is not willing to put one for next year. Apart this small inconvenience, the race is really great and I recommend it.

Run for Gold 2013: Race Report

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