FAAP 5K/10K: race report

At a glance

I registered to the FAAP 5K being held in Pittsburgh (North Park) in 2013. For this year, they had a 10K option as well, and registered for this one. The registration fees were $20 and this is supposed to support the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh.

They were a lot of people attending the event. For a local race, this is a very well organized event, with more than 140 runners ! This is a very friendly event also and the post-race activities are very nice with traditional food and a dance show.

The race itself is in North Park, close to Pittsburgh. The race itself is really nice and you run in the woods (not on the road). For those who do not know the Park that much, this is also a good opportunity to discover it, especially because the race is quite demanding but go in beautiful area. The course has some strong elevation but not so demanding at all.

Pros and cons


  • Organization
  • Friendly, local race with nice post-party events
  • Affordable


  • For a race at this price and the current organization, I am still looking …

Let’s do it ?

If you are looking for a nice friendly race: go for it, you will have a lot of fun, either if you know the area or not. This is a 10K max, so, serious runners might not consider it. I think this is a good opportunity to support a good association and race with friends some trails and enjoy a nice trail. Finally, considering the price, this is definitively a go.

FAAP 5K/10K: race report

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