Erie Marathon 2013: Race Report

At a glance

I registered to the Erie Marathon being held in Erie, PA in 2013. Registration was about $75, which is a good price for a marathon. I arrived one two days before, just the time to be used to the area. I finished in 4:14, which is very bad for a marathon but not that bad when you are injured.

The race starts early, the marathon starts before the half marathon. Basically, it consists of two loops around the Erie Presque Isle Park. When starting, it is freezing around and you feel cold. After some miles, the temperature increases and you are just ready to enjoy the race. The course is really flat with almost no elevation at all. For those who want a easy marathon, this is a very good one. And for those who want an easy Boston Qualifier race, this is a very good option.

The race is beautiful: you run next to the sea in a park. Even if this is still road and not trail, you can enjoy the nature and the silence around. There are water stop every mile, so, you might even not need any water bottle at all. In fact, as the half-marathon and marathon share the same route (the marathon is just two loops while the half is just one loop), it would be easier to organize regular stops. The stops have gatorade, water and some fluids. The post party race had good food options: bagels, cookies, pretzels, sandwhich, soda, etc. Finally, the packet contains a very nice long sleeves tee-shirt and runner sockets. Very nice compared to other races.

Pros and cons


  • Organization and race
  • Easy race, boston qualifier
  • Good food at nice packet


  • Some do not like a flat course
  • Some are bored for making two loops

Let’s do it ?

Considering the race, the course and the price: this is definitively worth it. Even if the area is not a very touristic one, this is nice one. So, if you do not have any plan, let’s do it !

Erie Marathon 2013: Race Report

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