Life Update

After 5 months with no news and one year being in the USA, my readers deserve a more than well-deserved update. So, what’s up ?

  • On the running side, I completed two marathons. After coming back from an injury, I finished the last one in 3:48. Not so bad. I am now taking a break and seriously consider trying one or two ultra.
  • On the life side, I bought a house and would move in a couple of days. As usual, something simple, affordable that suits my needs.
  • On the gaming side, I enjoy my last purchase during my long winter nights: a Playstation 3. Definitively fun.

Life has never been so good and exciting. I am thrilled by what is going on and looking forward for new experiences. All what matters is to have a lot of fun, and it never stopped since more than a year.

Life Update

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