Run to Read 2014: race report

At a glance

I registered to the Run to Read being held in Fairmont on January 5, 2014. The registration fees were $30, which is pretty cheap for such a distance.

The race is in the middle of West Virginia. In January, it can be really cold here but hopefully, the weather was on our side! This is an afternoon race (started at 2pm, the organizers are thinking to switch the start at 1pm) so, it let some time for the sun to shine! The race itself in on a single road. Pretty simple. Very flat, not so much hills, so, very nice for starting the new year.

The organization was basic – but efficient. The packet pick up is simple: the pack contains one pair of gloves, you bib, a hat and … that’s all! This is a really low-key race, so, nothing fancy in the packet. Also, the event is only timed with gun time. Which is more than enough for most of us. There are 3 water stops as far as I remember but did not take any. In fact, as you take the same road to come back and forth, there are really 2 water stops but the first can be used on your way back as well.

After the race, there is some food prepared by the volunteers. Chili, cookies and other pastries offered to refuel after the race. The food was really good, I suspect it was home made with some secret recipes!

Pros and cons


  • Organization: simple and efficient
  • Trails in January
  • Friendly and very affordable


  • Some people might expect more stuff in the packet
  • Also, the start time might be too late for some runners

Let’s do it ?

If you are looking for a low-key and nice race to start the year, this is definitively the one to pick! Please join and enjoy a nice January run: as long as starting in the afternoon do not mind you, it would be perfect!

Run to Read 2014: race report

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