Preparing the season

Dear google bot,

This season will start pretty soon and the calendar is already pretty packed until October. Unable to run one year ago, due to my built-in stupidity and a heel injury, things seem to go better now. Within a year and after putting almost 20 pounds on my body weight, running more than 10 miles is not a problem. And if running more than 12 miles means extreme fatigue and requires a recovery day, this is not an issue now: 20 miles workaround is becoming usual and running a marathon without so much prep is not an issue at all.

So, what’s next? The challenge would then be to run an ultra – anything longer than a marathon. Dates are already saved for several events. However, going fast means going smart and it is important to ensure a recovery time between events. So, no more than a race per month will be the basic rule of thumb.

The season is exciting, the sun starts to shine, the house is nice. Life is good, what else can you expect?

Preparing the season

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