Taking rest

Well, after running every day 10 miles a day, this was time to take some rest. Only some basic exercises, some body-weight training and nothing else. This was also the opportunity to discover that MacDonalds was not evil and can have decent food items at a reasonable price.The McDouble is definitively a blast and just well balanced in terms of nutrition: paired with one (or two) side-salad, it then provides enough protein, fiber and al the nutrients I need when not exercising too much. Definitively a good deal for less than $5.

The next couples of days will be the opportunity to head down to Asheville for racing 26.2 miles. No big plans here because this is rather a scenic run. No performance, just a race to enjoy on a beautiful Sunday. The target time is 05 hours, no more, no less: this is useless to run faster when the goal is to last as much as you can on the road.

Training will resume next Monday to prepare for the first ultra and then make an attempt to finish JFK under 10 hours.

Also, on a computer programming side, this is time to come back and program some stuff. For that, a new github project has been opened. Nothing fancy for now, just some basic stuff to make some home automation using some OSS software. More on that later.

Taking rest

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