Taking Rest, going for surgery

Next days will be rest days. I am going for an EP study tomorrow to study where my heart conditions come from. Long story short, my heart pace can increase significantly anytime and go from 45 bpm (rest pace) to 200 bpm. It happened during runs, races but often occurred when at rest (e.g. while reading, sleeping, etc.). This is something that may happen to anybody and should be considered.

As the operation requires to catheters into the veins or arteries, it requires to rest for a couple of days and then, stops running of being active for a while. This is not something  you might enjoy but might definitively avoid any further discomfort. There is no clue this is worth it but, considering the risks, it might have great benefits.


“Doctor, I need to pee!” – “OK, grab me something to eat on your way, this dude is a hard one!”
(picture under Creative Commons on flickr)


Why talking about it? Because many folks have similar symptoms and never took any actions. For sure, the procedure is scary: the medical staff put catheters into your body, reach your heart, the doctor increases your heart pace and have full control of the battery that keeps you alive. So, one can understand why so many dudes want to avoid it and postpone the procedure. On the other hand, palpitations, discomfort or heart issues can happen anytime, especially in moments when you do not expect them. For me, it would be when I am on the trails, far from any city and without any cell service. For somebody else, it can be while driving with the family or on a place during a lovely and romantic trip. In these situations, if any problem comes, this will not be possible to go to the emergency room.

For sure, there are many potential reasons you can die: a car might hit you when you cross the street tomorrow, a mosquito might bite you during your next trip in a foreign country or you can even be kidnapped and murdered during a trip in another country. But for these conditions, you do not have control. For your health, solutions exist, that is why taking action is just the way to go.

Also, taking rest might be a good idea to recover from my last trail runs and will let me come back to kick ass during the next months.

Taking Rest, going for surgery

3 thoughts on “Taking Rest, going for surgery

  1. John Parker says:

    So you are getting a pace maker? Hope everything goes well and you are back to your old running ways soon.

    1. Oh, no, I just have a study with a potential ablation of the cells that may fire abnormal heart conditions. No big deal, I will be back on track soon! I am still planning all the races I signed up for!

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