Support the drinkable book

That’s a fact: water is a critical resource on earth. Supply is limited and our mankind evolution has unfortunately negatively impacted its quality. Now, access to clear, non-contaminated water is a challenge, even in our developed countries where quality of water may reduce your quality of life and is one cause of severe diseases.
However, this is a bigger issue for poor countries where people are struggling to have access to water supply, clear or not. And many people actually die because of that. To overcome this issue, there is not so many solution: provide a better water quality, either from the source (which requires a distribution system) or provide an end-user solution.

One friend of mine, Teri Dankovich, work on a project to create a new way to filter water. The result is this research initiative is a product, called the drinkable book is awesome: each page can be used to filter the water. You can then educate people (by printing education materials) but also provide a great solution for water filtering. So, people can filter their water (the end user solution).

For sure, many folks will have some questions, arguments or good reasons for why this would not solve the whole problem. But in any case, this research outcomes is a major step that could be the starting point of many new products. This is essential to move forward and have solutions because water quality will be a major concern in the coming years.



To develop and continue their research, these dudes need money and resources. For that purpose, they started a funding campaign. The goal is to get $20000 within a month. Consider giving: even if you do not care about countries under development, even if you drink bottled water, this will have an impact on your life, sooner or later. Then, starting to support solutions to overcome ongoing issues is something that should be considered by everybody.


Support the drinkable book

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