Let the show begin

This is the beginning of an exciting week-end. Tomorrow, for the first time since many weeks and after a week with more than 60 miles, I will not be running and instead, will support fellow runners from Steel City Road Runners. The car is packed and prepared to have a great day. This is an ultra marathon on the trails that starts in Ohiopyle. These folks are running either 50K or 70 miles. I already run twice what is known as the most difficult part, the first 8 miles. Needless to say that is was hard, so, completing the full race might be challenging.


Exploring Ohiopyle with my partner in crime
Exploring Ohiopyle with my partner in crime


On Sunday, I will be back on track and running the Man Up 10K on this Father’s day. No big deal, I just have to keep a 9:22 min/mile pace, which is totally doable, especially after a day without any special activity. If you are around the Pittsburgh area and have nothing plan, you can still join the party and register on race day! Everybody is welcome, there is also a 5K if your running appetite is small!


Let the show begin

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