Riding for a cause, support research to end cancer

The idea of running for raising funds for a cause crossed my mind several times during the past months. Having fun is something, hearing people that your story is inspiring others is great but, what about trying to get attention to raise money for a good cause? After all, many folks donate to charities, non-profit associations and other initiatives without a reason. So, they might be interested to donate when somebody is supporting such a cause.




Some days ago, my partner in crime told me about an event called 321 ride and proposes a 62 miles bike ride from Connelsville to Pittsburgh and aims at raising money for cancer research. The title is clear: “Ride to end melanoma and pancreatic cancer”. When registering, you are asking to raise at least $50. This was then a good initiative to start my first fund raiser and see how good I can do. The initial (and minimal) goal was $50 and I will try to raise $500. All profits will benefit the Woiner Foundation.

If you want to support the research against melanoma and pancreatic cancer, please go to my fundraiser page and consider donating. Every penny counts and if you do not have money, a big smile will already be more than enough. And if you are around the Pittsburgh area and want to bike in October, you can also join the fun! Check out the event, there are other distances: a family-friend 7 miles or a long 25-miles on the trails!




Riding for a cause, support research to end cancer

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