Fundraising update – August 2014

I recently joined a bike ride that will happen on October, 12 and which goal is to raise money for research on melanoma and pancreatic cancer. The event request that you raise at least $50 and I tried to raise a little bit more, $500. Well, after a couple of weeks, I am happy to see that the initial goal is already met. I am very thankful to my friends and family that helped me to reach my goal. That means a lot to me and this is definitively a wonderful gift, probably one of the best I got since the last couple of months.




But we can also do better and raise more. So, if you are interested to support me in that effort and help research against melanoma and pancreatic cancer, you can still donate! Please follow the link below and just donate whatever you want. Also, if you prefer to ride with us, please contact me so that you can join our team “In Memory of Beth. Finally, for each person that gives more than $20, I will offer a beer when we have the opportunity to hang out! Hope that, we can share the willingness to fight cancer but also good moments around a beer!

Also, if you donate, please put your name or a nickname so that I can know who donated. The donation system does not send any notification and does not indicate the identity of the donator if they do not put a name of the donation page. As for now, there are two anonymous donations and, even if I cannot put a name on them, I want to let them know that I am very grateful for their support.




Access to the donation page

Fundraising update – August 2014

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