Pacing @ Eastern States 100

This week-end, I am heading to Waterville, PA in order to participate with some friends in the inaugural year of the Eastern States 100. This is an ultra-marathon, a 100 miles race that goes along the trails around Grand Canyon, PA (and many others cities in the area). I am planning to rest during this week-end and have a nice jog/hike/run with a fellow Steel City Road Runner that will attempt to finish it. Assuming he survives to the first 60 miles, I will have the pleasure to pace him, meaning that I will do my best to keep him awake, make sure he stays on his feet, eats his veggies peanut-butter sandwiches and is on time to arrive before the end of the race. Any trick is accepted except to carry him to the finish line.


Around mile 80 of the race, when I will stop my pacing duties
Around mile 80 of the race, when I will stop my pacing duties


This is a big deal, especially considering the elevation profile (see below). The big up/down hills are similar to the 8 first miles of the Laurel Highlands Ultra. I am planning to pace for 18 miles, from mile 60 (around 1200am – midnight) to miles 78 (probably around 0600am). This means staying 6 hours on my feet going mostly up and downhills. Sounds easy; you just have to keep a pace of 20 min per mile. But running the same elevation once some weeks ago pushed me out of my comfort zone and it asked more than two weeks to fully recover.

Elevation Profile for the Eastern 100
Elevation Profile for the Eastern 100

But this run will be a come back to the roots, the trails, the adventure in Corsica on the GR20 I completed some years ago. Exploring the nature during the day or at night. Listening to the nature, seeing things that became unusual in our so-well organized daily life in the city. Pushing your limits, being out of your comfort zone, rediscover yourself and at the finish, sharing our experience and enjoy the company of existing or new friends. Just rediscover simple things, things we are not no longer used to.

It is going to be a fantastic experience.

Pacing @ Eastern States 100

2 thoughts on “Pacing @ Eastern States 100

  1. Good luck with the pacing – that course looks pretty brutal. I hope you do a follow-up post. I’d like to hear more about the race and the course. Cheers!

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