SCRR Ambassador Update

I’m back in Pittsburgh! After a couple of weeks away from my favorite city and visiting France and Spain for work, I am back here and already hit the trails early in the morning! This city has definitively fantastic and challenging trails, I missed them a lot these last days!

Paris At Night
Paris At Night

But I was also away from the Steel City Road Runners, one of the biggest (and my favorite) Pittsburgh running club! I missed this group a lot and I am glad to be back to participate to the Thursday and Saturday runs, I hope to see you there (check out the calendar of events)!

Also, as an SCRR Ambassador, I am committed to report members feedback to the organization committee. During the last weeks, a couple of folks reached out to me to give me what they like in the group and what are their concerns. As I have a meeting soon with the organization committee, do not hesitate to reach out to me to discuss your concerns and explain what you expect from the group. Discussing during the events this week can be great but you can also e-mail me or contact me through facebook or twitter. All feedback is appreciated and if people often report things to improve, positive feedback is more than useful because it helps to know what you like (and keep doing it)!

Hope to see you this week!

SCRR Ambassador Update

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