Harvest Hustle 5K – race report

How I got there

I was at the conference on Portland, OR. I woke up at 08am and, after taking my morning coffee, went out for a run to discover the city. After a couple of minutes, I see many runners on my left and decided to follow them. After a mile, I found out that other runners had a bib and saw signs on the course. People start to cheer and there was also cheerleaders. It was pretty cool!

So, I just found out that I joined a race. I did not know the distance and decided to follow the runners and see what will eventually happen.

The race

I cannot say what the starting line looks like because I join the group after starting my regular morning run. I cannot also say much about the swag because I did not register or pay for the race. I assume people got a t-shirt and a chip for the time. The race is an out and back on closed road and follows the river. Pretty nice, especially because the weather was collaborative. As an out and back, you basically see the same things all over.

There are one or two water stops (I do not remember exactly), so, if you feel you need water for a 5K, you even do not need to carry your own bottle. Once you finish, you receive a bag with food and a water bottle.

Let’s do it again?

It was a fun to join a running crowd for my first run in Portland. Even if I am not addicted to 5K races, it was funny to crash into a race. However, considering the price ($30), it seems a lot for 5K. But if you live in the area, that might be a good fit. On another note, I am glad I can keep sleeping on my two ears after having raced a 5K without being registered. It seems that having accurate race results really matters for part of the community and I am surprised (and glad) for not having been reported. Feeling safe now!


Harvest Hustle 5K – race report

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