CTOTW #6: break, then repair

This is the sixth post of COTW (Coach Tip of the Week). If you want to access previous tips, you can get the full list here.

You do not develop your body by training and exhausting it. In fact, when you are doing a intense physical activity, you are damaging your muscles, bones and other parts of your body. This is why over-exercising will lead you to injury. In fact, this is by resting and adopting a healthy diet with the appropriate nutrients that your body will recover, rebuilt the broken parts and make them stronger.

Overtraining might not be the best strategy

For that reason, if you want to increase your strength or endurance, you should rest a lot and adopt a healthy diet.

  1. Do not work on the same muscle group two days in a row
  2. In case you are running every day, vary your workout (for example, one day with hills repeat, another day with a tempo run that focuses on cardio)
  3. Always put a lean protein (chicken, non-fat greek yogurt, tofu, turkey, egg) in your meal to ensure good recovery
  4. Adopt a consistent sleep patterns by going to bed at the same time every day
  5. Do not overeat at night in order to ensure a good sleep quality
  6. If you experience pain, avoid to train hard in this, go easy and let it recover for a few days


CTOTW #6: break, then repair

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