CTOTW #8: Watch your weekly mileage

This is the eight post of COTW (Coach Tip of the Week). If you want to access previous tips, you can get the full list here.

Today, we have not one tip but two (lucky readers!): about how much to increase your weekly mileage and what weekly distance you should do before a race. When it comes to increase your mileage, stick to the 10% rule by increasing your weekly mileage by 10% at max. Failure to do so (increasing too much) will then result in injury, intense fatigue and potentially stop running. In addition, do not add too many days from one week to another. Try to observe a regular training schedule (for example, from 3 to 4 days a week). If you want to add a day, please do so but try to balance the mileage in order to avoid potential injury. This rule has been discussed in a lot of forums, some people disagree, other proposed another method but so far, it seems to be the one that works!


Yup, overtraining sucks!
Yup, overtraining sucks!


There is also a lot of debate about the weekly distance you should be running during a race. I am terrible in training plans and never followed one. It is too boring and I always felt that a training plan forces me to do a particular efforts whereas to me, running is a fantastic method to refresh my mind and get away for any constraint. However, there is a rule I always observed regarding the weekly mileage: try to be comfortable running slightly more the race distance during few weeks. For example, if I you plan to run a marathon, logging 30 miles a week for a few weeks is probably a good strategy. If you plan to run a 50miles, having several weeks with 60+ is a good idea. The main reason is a big part of running is mental: by making more than the distance within a week and having rested appropriately, you know you can do it. Another reason is by running the distance several times, your body is still used to the efforts and exertion of such an effort and would then be ready for the physical part of your endeavor.

Finally, monitoring your weekly mileage is very easy and can be done automatically using your smartphone an an app such as mapmyrun , a GPS watch. So, there is no reason for not doing it!

CTOTW #8: Watch your weekly mileage

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