CTOTW #9: Embrace Failure

This is the ninth post of COTW (Coach Tip of the Week). If you want to access previous tips, you can get the full list here.

“You are a failure. You failed.” How much time do we heard this negative comments about ourselves? This world is primary driven by competition and a binary (good or bad) measure of our acts. This way is thinking is very restrictive and reactive: something is either positive or negative. The goal of this CTOTW is to remind you to embrace failure (i.e. when you did not reach your goals), to study it, learn from it in order to achieve them later (what people used to consider as success)

failWhen you have a bad race, a bad day, learn from it. Try to analyze what happened and why it did not match the scenario you was looking for. Your speed was not consistent and you do not know why? Analyze your splits, nutrition and hydration! You was tired during the race? How much did you sleep the week prior to the race? This is by analyzing our failures that we can transform future experiences into success.

We tend to put the responsibility on somebody else. Keep others accountable and responsible for missing our own problems. Most of the time, the problem is not the others but yourself. For sure, sometimes, an external event ruins our day (for example, if a guy pushed you on a trail and you tripped) and there is nothing we can do about that. But most of the time, we are the solely responsible for our own failure (for example: I was tired because I somebody invited me to a party last night and I did not sleep enough before race day). Do not deny it, embrace it again and learn from it to make you better. We are humans after all, learning creatures, this is by learning that we eventually meet our goals and pursue our dreams.

Know who you are, what are your limits, your goals and set your priorities accordingly. Stop lying to yourself and when you missed your target, do not blame others for your own failure. Take your responsibilities: learn from this experience so that it does not happen again. If it happen again later, it might mean that either the goals or priorities are not the one you really want. In that case, this might be time to reconsider them.

CTOTW #9: Embrace Failure

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