Running, racing and training: 2014 in review

This year was full of exciting news. Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst. Let’s take a couple of minutes and look back at what happened.


Exploring Grand Canyon, PA
Exploring Grand Canyon, PA

Many training opportunities around Pittsburgh. Most training runs were with friends in Moraine State Park, Ohiopyle and within the city. By running mostly every day, it provides the opportunity to discover Frick Park with another perspective and it can provide a lot of good training opportunities (there are many hills that can be the base of a good training for ultra races). On top of that the Steel City Road Runners runs add more miles and also gives a chance to explore other areas in the city. Definitively, the most interesting routes are in Ohiopyle and Moraine State Park. If you are looking to train in this area during the week-end and are interested to join a group, please drop me a line!

In the meantime, other training aspects were not too impacted or neglected: cross-training every other day, biking during week-ends, etc. Mostly, each day included between one to two hours of moderate to intense physical activity.

In run a total of about 3500 miles in 2014, an average of 9.5 miles per day.

Run Commuting

The biggest change introduced in 2014 was to use running as a primary way of commuting. It started in January, 2014. This decision was based on having a more training and avoid wasting time, money and efforts every day. Being a run commuter is hard in the beginning but pay off:

  • better training: you know the different routes and choose the one according to your training needs
  • time: you do not have to drive to work (which takes time) and workout later. Your commute is your workout so when you are at home, you can put the priority on non-running activities (read or write an article, shopping, playing, etc.)
  • predictability: you know how much you are doing (in terms of training intensity) but also when you will be at work. You are no longer late for meetings because of traffic issues.
  • finance: you save money directly (you do not need parking or gas) or indirectly (low-mileage insurance)

There is no regret for having doing it and no plans to use my car again to go to work. Probably the best decision made this year.

Groundhog Fall 50K: definitively one of the best race of the year!
Groundhog Fall 50K: definitively one of the best race of the year!


2014 was the opportunity to run more than 23 races during the past year, including one 50 miles, one 50K and 5 marathons. It includes also a few half-marathons and smaller races. However, 2014 was the year of the first half-marathon. Also, this year is the one with a PR for each distance!

On another note, 2014 was also the opportunity to pace several races (Man-Up 10K, Eastern States 100 and EQT 10 milers) and training runs for the Steel City Road Runners group.


The focus is not really longer on road races but rather on trail runs. While road running is fun, running is not a competition for me but rather a way to meditate and explore. Also, the trail running community is less competitive and seems more friendly. This is why the focus the the race calendar is mostly on trail running and more specifically ultras, mostly 50K and 50 miles.

At the end of the 3-2-1 ride
At the end of the 3-2-1 ride

This year of 2014 was also the opportunity to support the community (pacing), join (and leave) the ambassador group of Steel City Road Runners but also raising money for a charity. First place for raising money for the Woiner foundation and their 3-2-1 bike ride, this was a real pleasure to support this local organization and hope to have the opportunity to do it again.

What’s up for 2015?

The coming year will be focused on better training and running longer distances. The race already includes three 50K and two 50 milers. Not sure where all these distance will bring us. There is a strong desire to support the community, continue to pace runners (probably during ultra events such as 100 milers) but also raising money for charity. Being active, helping your friends and your relatives, connecting with others and discovering the nature is something that needs to be promoted and encouraged. I hope that I could be useful and able to support any activities or efforts that would try to work on these topics.

Running, racing and training: 2014 in review

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