CTOTW #10: Dream big, believe in (but do not trust) yourself

This is the tenth (and last) post of COTW (Coach Tip of the Week) series. If you want to access previous tips, you can get the full list here.

dreamThis is the last Coach Tip of the Week. The initial idea of this series was to provide general advices for training. It was definitively focused on running. The last tip is not totally dedicated to fitness and running and is rather a general advice. There is this old saying: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” and I will definitively recommend to shoot for the moon. Put difficult goals and objectives, try to do the impossible. If you do not succeed, celebrate failures, learn from it and try again. By setting important and big goals, you will challenge yourself, go out of your comfort zone and experience the unknown.

Finally, believe in yourself: whatever the goal, until you try, you never know the outcome. Trying and doing your best does not cost anything. The only risk is to succeed. So, big dream, hope for the best. It sounds really basic, but derailing is so easy, there are so many distractions that will put you away from your objectives that you need to stay focused on your goals. Once you decide what you want and what are your priorities, success mostly depends on you.

However, do not trust yourself avoid to be over confident: always wonder if you are on the appropriate path to succeed, if you are doing everything to reach your goal. There will be always people better and more knowledgeable than you and they are not here to fight but help you. Learn from them, adapt your training, learn from books, online resources and discussion with other people. The running community is a fantastic resources with many people ready to help and give advices.

CTOTW #10: Dream big, believe in (but do not trust) yourself

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