Run – just run (even on Sunday)

piePittsburgh runners and outdoor lovers, there is an exciting news: Steel City Road Runners will offer regular training runs on Sunday! Cannot join on Saturday? The group is now offering training run on Sunday morning. This is clearly a great incentive.

Some might not realize the importance but it matters. A lot. No matter if you are new to running or an experienced runner. If you are starting, running can be intimidating. Joining a group, chatting about racing strategies (pace, nutrition etc) and socializing are very important. This might what will help you to continue and go on. If you are an experienced runner, you might need support, friends that will challenge you to go out of your comfort zone. Finally, if you are training for an ultra, back to back runs can help you to train and go the distance. So, no matter who you are, having options are really helpful!

I am really exciting by this opportunity, hope to join (and see you at?) any run (or both) every week-end!

Run – just run (even on Sunday)

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