Coding Marathon – come to codefest!

Since a few weeks, running has been challenging – the recovery is going well but running is still challenging. In addition, because of travels and other constraints, keeping a consistent training has been hard while it is always doable. The next race (half-marathon) is in ten days in Ohio, it will be fun to try the recovery strategy and the ability to race after an injury without any pre-run training.


However, this pause in the training log is the opportunity to join new challenges and experiment new things! I am happy to announce that I will participate this week-end with a coding partner in crime in the Steel City Codefest, a coding marathon where developers have to design mobile applications mostly for non-profit organizations. We will try to complete the Citiparks challenge and design an application to locate and find meals offered to young and senior over the city. If you are not aware of that program: citiparks delivers meals to families and individuals that cannot afford food. The goal of the project we will try to build is to facilitate the location where meals are delivered and get more information (hours, menus, etc.).

If you have nothing to do this week-end, please come on Saturday and check out what is going on! The challenge will take place in Oakland at the Carnegie Library. You can of course cheer me or just throw peanuts on my face like a monkey while I will be coding the mobile application. I should be there almost all the time and might also sleep there to remember the good old time when I used to code several days in a row. So, please and join the fun anytime!

Coding Marathon – come to codefest!

One thought on “Coding Marathon – come to codefest!

  1. I have never heard of anything like this, and never thought something like this even existed. It sounds very interesting and I am going to try and come check it out and see what it’s all about. I will be the guy throwing peanuts

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