VxWorks653/Apex support in VxWorks

When using VxWorks653, the initial example does not use the Apex. Instead, it uses the regular vThreads library. In fact, there is no built-in example that works out of the box with the Apex. In case you are trying to figure out how to quickly add the Apex support from the original example, there is how to proceed (assuming the ARINC653 system project is called foobar):

  1. Edit the Makefile.vars from the foobar_PartitionOS project and add the following line at the end
    SSL_OBJS += apexComponent.o
  2. Edit the foobar_PartitionOS.xml file in the foobar_PartitionOS project. You should have something like the following

    <Version Name="template"/>
    <xi:include href="$(WIND_BASE)/target/vThreads/config/comps/xml/vthreads.xml"/>
       <xi:include href="$(WIND_BASE)/target/vThreads/config/comps/xml/apex.xml"/>

VxWorks653/Apex support in VxWorks

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