Gear Review: UltraViz Spry

Since several weeks months more than than a year, I was using the same backpack to commute from home to work. So far, it has been a really good bagpack but after a full season and going through the summer, winter and taking my sweat for hours, it was time to switch!

UltraViz Spry
UltraViz Spry

The requirements were pretty simple:

  • lightweight: as I use it every day, it has to be light and put minimal weight on the back
  • small: need to carry only a wallet, an access card and eventually a set of keys
  • reflective: have some reflective band to increase visibility at night
  • cheap: less than $50

I found the UltraViz on leftlane for $16.25 (the MSRP is $54.95). Having tried the AK vest in the past, I was curious to see if it will fit (the AK was clearly not ok and bruised my elbows). So, I just gave it a shot: after all, it is always possible to return it.

After about a month of using the UltraViz, I have to say that it is a great choice. Very light (4.5 oz), small at a great price (with the discount), it is a very good vest! If you are going for an ultra and do not need a bladder, it might be a very good option as well. The vest has good reflective materials. So, if you are looking for a good, light reflective vest, this might be the one you was looking for!


Gear Review: UltraViz Spry

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