Going the Distance – Burning River 100

This is probably not a big news for my close running friends but might be unexpected for some people I did not see for a while. When this post will be published, I will be on the trails running the Burning River 100 race. At that time, I will probably be struggling around mile 20/30 if I did not already dropped from the course. As my grandmother always told me: “never say never” – even if I said before that I will not do a 100 miles race, I finally got on the starting line. When writing this post, I am wondering why and how I got involved into this. Probably to find myself, forget the pressure of the daily life, understand myself and try to be a better person or just experience again how it feels to be out of my comfort zone. Maybe to prove to myself that I can do it, I am mentally strong enough: at that point, this is more a mental challenge than a physical one. After all, can I get over it? Who knows what are the real motivation(s): the older you get, the more ignorant you feel. And it takes a while to find out why you do such things: most of the time, you finally understand it after you finish the race.

If I ever survive to this race/hike/walk (pick the most appropriate word), I would be done before 10am on Sunday. Hopefully even before 4am. And before 2am if god exists. It will mostly depend on potential injury, how bad I want to finish and if my pacer quicks my ass enough. If you are curious, you can track my progress online using this website (bib number 39). If you are around the trail and/or crazy enough to drive to Ohio and see me, you can follow my progress and come to the aid station that are crew accessible or just go to the finish to see how miserable I will be at the finish (location of each aid-station is in the information guide on the official website). And if you feel like running a mile at night, you can even join and run the last mile with me (just park at the finish and find the frenchy crawling to the finish with her incredible pacer). And if you cannot make it, I hope to see you and celebrate great success or miserable attempt!

Note: I will slap the first guy to tell me he does not even drive further than 100 miles.

Going the Distance – Burning River 100

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