Looking Forward to 2016

The Dirt Monster 5 miles this week-end marked was the last race of the year. No more race until April 2016. For now. The next race will be Forget the PR 50K in April, followed by Hyner 50K (race list there).


Fall is coming in Pittsburgh, offering wonderful views during my daily commute


I am also signed up for all races of the inaugural PA Triple Crown challenge. Probably the most beautiful races in Pennsylvania. But also the most challenging.


I am excited. And scared. To death.

These races will put me outside of my comfort zone, force me to discover/explore myself, find out the further I can go physically and mentally. Sure, life already brought some challenges (e.g. moving abroad without speaking the language, hiking 200 Km for two weeks alone in the Corsica mountains with a single backpack) but some of these races are very though, with a finisher rate around 30% (for ES100). This new adventure is very appealing and exciting. I can’t wait.

After a year of running 7 days a week and averaging about 60 miles a week, I will adapt my training, include more rest days and take some time to enjoy social activities. I am now convinced that finding the right balance between running and social life is essential. Over training and neglecting resting days or social interactions are counter-productive on the long term.


We run to live and not live to run.

This is the start of the hibernation and when training will start again, I will try to explain how I adapt my training strategy for these races. For now, the priority is to rest, enjoy some time away from the city. I also contracted people to redo my house. The house is a mess for now and I can’t wait to see everything finished soon.

Getting the house done and painted
Getting the house done and painted




Looking Forward to 2016

3 thoughts on “Looking Forward to 2016

  1. I find it really cool to go and look for adventures! You did some really cool trips this year and I think that that is awesome! I am also planning an interesting trip. I am moving to Chile and there I am going to look for adventures. I am moving there because I have a friend who lives there and because I love the mountain! I wish you to enjoy your break and to go to new great places this year! Thanks for sharing! :)

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