Unconditional Love

This is the start of the holidays season: Thanksgiving is now over but Christmas is just around the corner. This is the special time of year where you can eat anything without any guilt. And even if you are in the process of losing 10 pounds, you have to indulge. This is a requirement to become a real American. In order to prove my love for this country, please find what I got for my post-thanksgiving breakfast. You have to take care of your diabetes, and you have to do it right.

Cake for breakfast, do not forget the whipped cream dude!
Cake for breakfast (chocolate cheesecake), please do not forget the whipped cream dude!


Of course, with thanksgiving comes black friday, cyber monday and the wave of so-called good deals. Too scared to be killed in a store, I hit the trails instead of the stores. The weather was so nice that I was able to run 14 miles in short and t-shirt. Being able to do that in November is worth any potential deal and priceless.


The trails in Frick park in … november!


Beyond the multiples food comas, sugar overdose and trail runs in and around the city, I was able to see running and non-running friends, meet new people and balance work, running and social life. As I recently spent more time with other people, I realized how foolish and possessive we are with others. Our relation or love often rely on our own interests. We like somebody not because of him or her but for what he or she can gives us. This person will help us doing something, will make us feeling better (for whatever reason) but at the end, many relations are just fake. These relations are conditional: we are interested by somebody not because of who he or she is but because of what he/she can provide.

But this is not what a true relationship (friendship, partner, whatever) should be. A sane and stable relation should be based on unconditional love. No matter what they think, how they look like and what they like: we will be there for them. No matter what. Friends can think different than us, have different taste, that is ok: we love them for who they are. This is unconditional: we do not expect anything from them and we are willing to support them and give without any return.

This should be the basis of any true relation. But after socializing a bit over the last weeks, it seems to be the exception rather than the norm.

The beginning of this holiday season reminded me how foolish we can be but also how thankful I am to have some great real friends for years. The feeling of giving and receiving this unconditional love is a unique and valuable gift. Let’s not lose it.

Unconditional Love

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