Looking back

The tradition is to look back and see what has been done last year: what worked, what did not and what is the plan for next year. During 2015, I ran about 3400 miles, which is probably not that accurate because I run at least 6 to 10 miles a day (but these statistics do not include indoor running, such as elliptical and I was also injured and unable to run for a month). Also, this year was the first (successful) attempt for a 100 milers (Burning River), get another 50 miler (Tussey Mountainback) as well as other ultras (Forget the PR, Laurel Highlands). So far, I never DNS or DNF any race, I have been lucky enough for being able to make it to the finish. The biggest mistake, it was clearly over training: I did not take enough rest before and after a race. Otherwise, everything seems to go pretty well, even if some aspects can be improved (but there is always room for improvement, right?).

What is on the list for the coming year? Mostly four races: Forget the PR 50K and the three races from the PA triple crown: Hyner 50K, Worlds Ends 100K and Eastern States 100M. In between, some small races for fun (such as Pittsburgh Half-Marathon). Nothing else. After 2016, it will take time to take way more rest and give less focus to running for a while.

Actual family in Pittsburgh
My actual family in Pittsburgh

Which let me explain the biggest mistake I have made over the last months: keeping my running activities as one of my primary objective and letting them taking way to much importance in my life so that I neglected other aspects. Being active matters: it helps you being healthy, have you an outlet, take some fresh air. That is great but sometimes, running takes over other priorities and you start to neglect some other aspects of your life. Of course, sometimes, you need such an outlet, especially through hard times: it can help you to fight depression, forget bad times and generally, change your mind. But this should be temporary and not be your primary focus, otherwise, this is where it starts to be actually not sane or healthy. The main mistake of this year has been to use running to fight personal issues, which was fine for a while but must come to an end now. Of course, I will still be active but will maintain more balance between every aspect of my life. I will go to different races once in a while but would probably do it for the fun of it and not looking to meet any particular goal. I am not a professional runner: I will never race to win and my objective is to be and stay happy. Besides running contributes to that, this is not the only thing that matters.

The coming year is really promising, from a running, personal and work perspectives. With trips planned in Czech Republic, Japan, France and many states, several projects in mind and of course, these races, I can’t wait to start it. After having 2015 as a transition year, 2016 is bringing a lot of new exciting challenges.


Looking back

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