Happy New Year. With Love.

The holiday break was better than ever: I logged two weeks with a decent mileage (95 and 72 miles) and a good elevation (about 10k ft during the second week). I definitively enjoyed my time staying home during this period.

The tradition is to travel and see the family but it often ends up by partying lately, drinking and eating a lot. Staying home gives a good opportunity to sleep a lot, eat healthy for few days and catch up with things you postponed for several days or weeks. As I was really nice and shy during 2015, Santa brought me a new bathroom with a new shower.

Present from Santa

I celebrated the new year and organized a small party with my favorite runners, just the time to say happy new year. This was a good reason to make crepes and eat a lot of calories within few hours. Carb loading at its finest. I was honored to host everybody and especially two of my favorite runners that inspires me, two fabulous ladies who managed to go through their life and seem to maintain a healthy balance in their life. I admire them: this is what I want to achieve. I want to stay fit for a purpose and be able to dedicate time for the people that matters to me. Having such people around me is a true inspiration and a reminder that this is important to keep a balance in your life.

Trails in Schenley park. Lovely?
Trails in Schenley park. Lovely, no?

Looking back, 2015 has been exciting. A true emotional roller-coaster. And I definitively loved and enjoyed the ride. No matter how old or experienced you are, you never know what life will bring you. You just have to embrace what is coming and make the most of it. The coming year will be different with a lot of things coming on different fronts. Time to finish this triple crown challenge, get settled and finish some projects related to architecture modeling. And this is exciting.

I wish all my friends, enemies, acquaintance a great year. I cannot wait to see what this year will bring.

Happy New Year. With Love.

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