I love you Prague

I tried to maintain a weekly mileage around 60 miles and I almost failed last week. My love for programming came back recently and I spent some (probably too much) time prototyping new tools. I finally met the weekly goal before taking of for Prague. The weather in Pittsburgh was still cold but I still used running to commute. I even attend the fundraiser event of a friend that will run across Haiti, team Tassy (special kudos for this project to support the community of Haiti, you can also contribute)

Supporting Team Tassy at Franktuary


Traveling had always been a good reason to explore new cities. And running is an efficient way to explore many places when you have a limited time, especially when you are in a conference all day. And that time, even with icy sidewalks, I enjoyed running in Prague. For sure, there is not so much elevation, but who cares?

At the top of the city

Eastern Europe is definitively underrated while countries like France are insanely overrated and have a really poor service. This is my second time in Prague and I am surprised and astonished by the culture, the service and the respect I got from the residents in this country. And the food is also excellent! Way better than what I get in European countries that usually attract tourists. If you want to visit Europe, it might be worth to have a look at the East part of Europe.

I presented a my new research project today at the MILS workshop collocated with the HiPEAC 2016 conference. It is very exciting to present this new work and get feedback from the research community. After the talk, somebody came to ask me a question: “I noticed you are wearing Hoka shoes, are you an ultra-runner? I am one and will be running UTMB this year!”. I assume my running profile is more appealing than my research profile!

The next stop will be in Toulouse to present past research results at the ERTS 2016 conference and discuss with the AADL standardization committee. And also give a talk in the Formal Methods Forum. And probably to say hi to some french folks.

Notre Dame in Paris? No, this shot has been taken in Prague.

There are a lot of projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to work on these. In a nutshell, the main goal is to facilitate the production of verified secure systems. Something that might be important when designing critical systems, such as a car, train or a plane. You might want to make sure the car you drive or the plane you are taking are secure. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I am planning to complete the project by the end of this year.

Ah, and apart that, with some luck, I should be able to come back into a regular training cycle sometime in March and get ready for the two 50k I am doing in April. I am slowly starting to be exciting to run the triple crown this year. I might need few more weeks of rest and sleep inside my warm bed in order to be fully rest and ready for it.

I love you Prague

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