Last night the wifi (and google maps) saved my life

Two days ago, during a trip in Prague, decided to go out for a run. My hotel was kind of far from the city (about 4 miles), so, I looked at a map in order to figure out where are the big sightseeing points, where to go and how to come back. I took my phone for the music and was already on my way. After about 30 minutes of running, I faced all the old beautiful buildings. And lost track of where I was going. Who cares? The architecture is beautiful and after being seating my ass for 10 hours in a conference room, it did not matter if I was lost or not: at least, I was outside.


After 1 hour going around the city, it was time to come back but heck, I did not know where to go. I was looking for a map but did not see any. Plus, my hotel was so far from the city center that it was not on the city center maps. And it was cold, about -7 Celsius and all I had on me was two t-shirts.

What do to?

Try to speak Polish to find my way?

Stay in the cold and turn into a snowman?

This is when I was hoping I had cell service and could find my way with god google.

But he heard me. Suddenly, I heard the sound of a message notification in my earphones: unexpectedly, my phone got wifi service. The signal of an unencrypted wireless network, in the middle of the city, reached my phone and sent me on my way to the hotel.

Miracles exist and after that night, I became a strong believer.

Thanks google.

Last night the wifi (and google maps) saved my life

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