Killing Treadmill boredom with TED talks

Shopping and tasting cheese in Toulouse

With the cold weather and travels, it is difficult to go always outside. It might be possible but definitively inefficient: if I have 30 minutes, this is way better to hit the gym rather than spending 10 minutes to look at the area on google maps, see where to go, ask for a map at the reception, etc. For short workouts, it is more convenient and efficient to hit the gym.


On the downside, such places are packed with gym rats and the view is not as entertaining as trails. Also, watching TV becomes boring very quickly. Plus, netflix or pandora are either blocked or too slow (depending on the country and hotel policy for using the wireless network). So, I took advantage of the TED android application: you can download video to watch later. So, you can browse all the talks, choose carefully some talks and find good one while you actually work out.

I tried to make a short list of good TED talks – if you are planning to hit the gym or looking for some stuff to watch at home, there is a list. I hope it might be useful to some of you.

  • The Price of Happiness by Benjamin Wallace – expensive stuff will not make you happy, this talk explains why. I always believe the most important value is in things that cannot have a price.
  • Can we eat to starve cancer? by William Li – inspiring talk that presents a new way to treat and potentially kill cancer. While we focus on invasive solution, I truly believe a long-term, proactive approach that focuses on what we eat everyday is more efficient than the actual solution that are invasive, aggressive and intrusive.
  • This is what happens when you reply to spam by James Veitch – epic and funny talk, very refreshing
  • Why the building of the future will be shaped by … you by Marc Kushner – amazing talk about the value and important of architecture: how it shapes and impacts our life. Small changes have a big impact for years. Definitively a topic to think about and can apply to many other domains (who said software or computer architecture?)
  • What’s wrong with school lunches by Ann Cooper – a simple (but smart) talk about actual issues with food provided in schools. Valuable talk by somebody that actually works in this domain.



Killing Treadmill boredom with TED talks

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