Shame on you WS100

Western States 100 added a new rule in order that deny race entry to any athlete who has been caught using performance-enhancing drugs from competing in Western States.

What a shame.

Armstrong did not even mention he wanted to run this race. He runs every now and then (his strava profile is very active) and recently won a trail race. But he did not sign up for the race.

The organizers reacted over a non-existing threat. Just by fear. Or just to make noise.

But why banning him? This sport is all about community, not about rejection. We are a welcoming community. How many of us struggled with life, suffered from various addictions and find salvation through ultra running? How many stories of people stopping drinking, doing drugs or losing weight that stopped when they start running? Armstrong wants to join us? He is more than welcome. There is no reason to reject him.

There are many solutions to offer a fair treatment if he is running: enable drug testing during the race (for every runner – let’s be serious: some elites are using performance enhancing drugs, why not testing them?) or just let him to race without receiving an award/money. But there is no reason to reject somebody without trying to work things out. And by taking such a decision, the race organizers might have show that our sport is slowly evolving … probably not for the best.

Shame on you WS100

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