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My name is Julien Delange, hello!

I am currently living in the United States of America, particularly in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I work as a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University. Before coming in the country of Uncle Sam, I lived for two years in the Netherlands where I worked a software engineer at the European Space Agency and survived the Dutch lifestyle! Before riding my bicycle in the country of cheese-makers, I studied in Le Havre and Paris, got a Master degree at University Paris VI and a PhD in Computer Science at TELECOM ParisTech, which gave me the opportunity to design the first libre partitioned OS: POK.

Among other things I did, I used to teach at the EPITA engineer school for the GISTR department. Lectures and lab sessions are focused on software engineering: design methods, programming best practices, architecture and software design, etc. I contributed also to open-source projects such as RTEMS, Tuxfamily.org or Debian.

Apart computer science, I am an avid runner that enjoy traveling and discovering countries, cultures and people. I used to run around 70 miles a week, ran several marathons and ultra-marathon in the USA. While I can go on roads, my favorite is on trails in the nature – I can go for a running adventure for hours. I am racing almost every months and maintain a race agenda, check it out if you are a runner and want to meet on the trails! I am also providing coaching services.




You can reach me by e-mail on julien at gunnm dot org. I usually reply within one or two days. Also, please note that I am using GnuPG to encrypt and sign my e-mails. If you want to know how sign or encrypt e-mails, you can read a tutorial here (for Thunderbird). Yes, privacy matters.

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2 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. Mathilde says:


    J’ai pu lire sur le http://www.leforum.n que tu avais rédigé un article sur le bio au pays-bas il y a quelques années. Tu avais posté un lien, mais celui ci n’est plus actif.

    Je voulais donc savoir si tu avais toujours cet article, il me serait très utile pour mon étude que je dois réaliser. Je dois vous avouer qu’il est très dure de trouver des articles intéressants sur les cosmétiques bio aux Pays Bas

    Merci par avance pour votre retour


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