Entering the star system

Last week, I was featured on The Run Commuter website. I got my own article, which is definitively a true honor. I feel that I now belong to the club of the runners that got this exposure. It is also really funny because I just got injured one week before it was published.


And this week, the pacer page on the Pittsburgh marathon was just published. And of course, my ugly face is on it. Yay.



It seems that all of that is finally getting real and I will have to run a half marathon in 1:45 in May while entertaining people around me. I tried to avoid everything running related since several weeks, including contact with the running community but it might be time to treat the several muscles injuries, tendinitis and remain of fractures that keep me away from running since several weeks now. Between a coming trip to Japan, another in France and a last one in Italy, I should find some time to train.

Entering the star system

Race week-end ramblings

The “Arc de Triomphe” at 5am – when you get up early to run some miles and late night-goers are drunk on the Champs-Élysées, waiting for the first metro to come

After one month of travels between Seattle, Ottawa, Paris and Cedar Rapids, it’s time to come back in Pittsburgh and running Tussey Mountainback 50 milers on Sunday. Between meetings, conferences, family reunions and hanging out with friends, I gained 10 pounds, did not run any hills since a long time and the training has been way less intense than usually. This race will be an interesting experience.

Cheese shop in Paris - at least I know how I gained some pounds
Cheese shop in Paris – at least I know how I gained some pounds

Whatever, it will be a good time. And after this race, it will be time to stay home for a while, lose the fat, train slightly and enjoy some time with friends.

It is exciting to be back, and start this week-end. It will be fun.

Interview at the SCADE User Group Conference in Paris, thanks to Graziella and Chloe for covering the event!
Race week-end ramblings