As a runner, having lost some weight (150 pounds on few months), started running in 2008 and now averaging between 60-70 miles a week (with peaks at 90/100), I have a good experience of what it takes to start from scratch or get back into running. I have a good experience to (re)build your fitness level and train either for a specific goal or adopt a better lifestyle in general.

I am a certified RRCA coach and able to design training plan that will fit your schedule and objectives, no matter what it is: starting to run and do a 5K or going for a 100 milers. I am not promoting any specific training plan or program. Whatever it is: losing weight, start to run a 5K, improve for a half-marathon, a full or even an ultra: what excites and motivates me is to help people to reach their goal.

The following paragraphs would help you to understand how it works. If you have any question, please contact me.

Hey dude, what do you propose?

I propose coaching services either to start running, get back into it or improving your performance (if you are already a runner). If you just want to get started and run your first 5K, improve your time on a half- or full- marathon or get advices about training, I can help you. It focuses on several aspects of training, including fitness level, nutrition and sleeping.

What appeals me is to help people to adapt their lifestyle and find solutions that can work with their constraints. Establishing a training program can be intimidating and difficult. It will impact your life, having a goal will help you to establish an efficient program that will maximize the benefits and mitigates inconvenience (for example, by doing specific runs that fit with your schedule).

How it works?

You have to be able to meet me around the Pittsburgh area. I do not make remote or online coaching. Internet is great for many things but nothing replace a real exchange. In addition, by having a face to face meeting once a week, it shows your commitment and dedicated for making changes. Another reason is also to check that you are making progress but you are not isolated and still enjoy all aspects of your life (i.e. avoid overtraining or even anorexia). The program is then tailored according to your goals (i.e. nutrition, exercise) and our availabilities.

Do you accept online coaching?

No. I only do one-to-one coaching. I want to be able to check the runner I am coaching, probably have one run with him/her sometimes and see the overall improvement. People that choose me as a coach will take their training at heart and will dedicate part of their time. The least I can do as a coach is to be here for them, check with them what works, what needs to be improved and establish strategies to maximize the benefits and reach their goals. Online coaching avoid this one-to-one, personal interaction, that is why I prefer not to do it. You can still contact me and try to convince me, and I really doubt you can change my mind.

Is it legit?

The best example I have the work I did on myself. Over a few months, I dropped about 150 pounds, starts running and be more healthy. After losing the pounds,I started to run more seriously and run several races, from 5K to 50 miles. This change has not been done at the expense of other aspects in my life: I still work as a researcher in a well-known university and have an active private life. These required to know the specifics of nutrition (losing and maintain weight), training strategies (have enough time for other aspects) and more generally, balancing your life. So, I think I can help you to establish a program that can fit your work/family constraints.

Are you certified?

I am a certified RRCA coach. I think that the best way to show my knowledge about training and coaching is the results I got so far: I come from overweight to running marathons and ultra races. But having a certification provide a guarantee about my knowledge and skills about running.

Do you accept anybody?

Nop. For two reasons: if I already have too many people or if I do not feel I will be able to help you. I do thi sfor fun and want to make sure I can dedicate enough time for each person. Also, if I do not think I can help you, both of us will lose our resources. Before starting, please tell me your story and why do you want to be trained. In case I choose not to work with you, please do not be offended, this is mostly because I do not think I will be efficient and helpful to reach our goal, even if you are a cool kid.

How much does it cost?

The cost all depends on many factors (e.g. how much time do you need, do you want support during your runs) This is really difficult to give a cost because it is relative to the number of meetings you need, how many times do you want to discuss every week, if you want me to track your activity and many other aspects. The best way to get an idea is to contact me so that I can give you an estimate.

How can I start with you?

Send me an e-mail on and detail your background and goal. Basically, it includes:

  1. Your goal (nutrition, starting running, improving performance, etc.) with a specific target (i.e. I want to lose 10 pouds, I want to run a sub 4 hours marathon)
  2. Past attempts to do it (if not, just say it!)
  3. Background: are you already a runner? Was you a runner? if yes, when/why did you stop?
  4. Why do you want to have a coach

As said before, I do not accept all requests. But regardless what I decide to do, I reply to all inquiries, accepted or not. So, if you do not get a reply within a week, please re-send your e-mail.


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