Geek Stuff

I started using a computer a long time ago (with my first Amstrad 1512 when I was a child) and eventually starting to graduate in this computer science. I love programming and all the technical related technical work. This is why I do not see my work as a constraint but rather as something I love to do and looking forward to.

Past and Actual Projects

I have contributed to many projects which gave me the opportunity with various and fabulous people over the world! It still amazed me that collaboration on different projects bring me to discover, learn, debate with all these smart folks and how thankful I am for having be part of these journeys. Among the projects I worked on:

  • OSATE: the Open Source AADL Tool Environment, an Eclipse-based modeling framework for the AADL language.
  • Ocarina: an AADL to C code generator. I wrote most of the code generators, including the one that targets avionics application (VxWorks and DeOS platforms)
  • POK: a real-time operating system compliant with the ARINC653 interface. I am the main author of the original project. Since then, it has been forked by several companies over the world (USA, Russia, China and Korea – there is probably other forks I am not aware of)
  • RTEMS: a real-time operating system used in many aerospace project. I was a big user during my time at ESA, send patches and review students work.
  • Debian: a free-operating system. I started to be a developer but never completed the process.
  • Tuxfamily: a non-profit organization that provides free hosting services for free software projects. I was the chairman of the organization a while ago after the network infrastructure had a breakdown and helped to fix it.
  • VHFFS: the platform running Tuxfamily hosting services. I designed and implemented the platform after Tuxfamily breakdown a while ago.

In addition to these projects, I was also part of several software communities, such as Lea-Linux or Parinux. Back in France, I used to teach (which is something I miss a lot!) computer-science at EPITA. For my past nostalgic students, my teaching materials are still available. Also, sometimes, when I am bored of running and coding, I write. A list of publications is available on this website.

Research and Standardization Committees

  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) judge in 2015
  • Organizer of the Architecture Centric Virtual Integration Workshop in 2014 and 2015
  • Member of the Program Committee of Open Source Software for Model Driven Engineering in 2015
  • Member of the Program Committee of the Software Engineering and Advanced Applications in 2014 and 2015
  • Member of the AS2C AADL standardization committee since 2008

Some Resources

Embedded Systems

Software Engineering

Stupid Stuff



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