Eat, Move & Love: a journey to healthy living

In a Nutshell

Why writing this?

In 2008, I decided to change my lifestyle and adopt a more healthy life-style. During this experience, I learned to eat more healthy, exercise and rest my body. At the peak, I lost 70 Kg (about 155 pounds), going from 129 Kg to 59 Kg. Other health metrics changed, such as the heart rate, going from 110 to 50. So, as the goal was not to go into a diet but adopt healthy life-style, the idea was not to lose weight but to maintain th loss and keep up a more healthy living. After 3 years, my health metrics (heart rate, blood pressure, etc.) did not changed. I gain weight because I wanted to but keep exercising and definitively have a better life.

Over the years, people asked for recommendations and would like to know how I manage to get such a change. I ended up by writing a bunch of e-mail to give some recommendations. I quickly figured out that the best way to do it was just to write something general, a sort of a guide for adopting a healthy lifestyle. This is why this writing exists. However, even if these ideas/guidelines helped me to make a change in my life, other people might provide information too. That is why external contribution are welcome, especially for people having different experience, want to explain other methods or details their journey in changing their life style. The initial text, as well as all contribution will be published under the Creative Commons License and available for download.

How to contribute ?

If you want to contribute, please send me an e-mail/message. My contact information can be easily found on my homepage. Of course, all contributors will be credited.

Get it !

The first revision was available as a pdf file. This is now available online. There is the different sections:


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