Recipes & Good Cooking Ideas

There are plenty of resources for making affordable meals that fit your budget and time constraints. The main idea is mostly to use healthier options, pack protein and avoid high sugar intake.


Quick and easy: greek yogurt, apple and honey

One of my favorite breakfast is a very simple recipe: one cup of greek yogurt with one teaspoon of honey and an appled. It provides fiber (apple), protein (greek yogurt) and sugar (apple and honey) with some vitamins. It is very easy to prepare, quick to eat and makes you full for several hours. For beverage ? Tea or coffee without sugar (you can add some low-fat milk). Forget any juice or chocolate.

  • Average cost: $3
  • Pros: quick, easy, efficient
  • Cons: I am still looking …

Peanut butter toast

One teaspoon of peanut butter applied on two toasts of whole wheat bread. Cut half an apple and put it on top of the toast. You have some protein (peanut butter), sugar (bread and apple) and fiber (apple and bread).

  • Average cost: $2
  • Pros: quick, cheap
  • Cons: too much fat for people with low needs

For lunch

Salad with eggs

Prepare a salad with some raw vegetables such a peeled carrot, cucumber, leaf green. Add two boiled eggs and two teaspoon of a non-fat dressing (balsanic vinaigrette, honey mustard, etc.). You have a salad packed with protein, that takes 2 minutes to prepare and make a perfect lunch. The only issue is to boil the eggs: if you plan to eat this dish several times a weeks, boil several eggs for the week so you do not take too much time to prepare. Depending on your mood, you can also add some cheese on top.

  • Average cost: $4 with organic ingredients
  • Pros: quick, cheap, source of good protein (two eggs = one steak), easy to box
  • Cons: still looking for …

Chicken breast with vegetables

In a big pot, boil some water. Once the water is boiling, put your chicken breast (approx 6/8 oz) with some vegetables (green like spinach or broccoli – as much as you want). Wait that everything is cooked, put out the water. Add some olive oil (one teaspoon) on top of the veggies and enjoy. You can take some ketchup or mustard to pair your dish.

You can replace the chicken by white fish or tuna/salmon. For a cheaper meal/dish, you can use eggs instead of the meat/fish.

  • Average cost: really depend on the quality of the fish/meat.
  • Pros: source of good protein (two eggs = one steak), plenty of vegetables and fiber.
  • Cons: long to prepare. Can ot solved by preparing a big batch in advance for several meals


Greek Yogurt & fruits

Taking some greek yogurt with fruits is a very good desert: you pack a lot of protein with vitamin and fibers. You can also add a little bit of honey, that might be useful of you want to have something particuparly sweet. Some may argue that it might contain too much sugar/carbs but as long as you do not add refined sugar and keep only fruits as suar intake, this is very reasonable.

Apple, Cinnamon and Nuts

Cut an apple in multiple slices, put some cinnamon on it and add some nuts on top. Then, put the whole thing in the oven to warm it a little bit. Add some honey on top or just a bowl of vanilla ice-cream and … enjoy !


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