Long story short …

Short story long …

My name is Julien Delange, Hello!.
I work as a researcher on Software Architectures for the Software Engineering Institute. I currently live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Previously, I studied in Le Havre and Paris, got a Master degree at University Paris VI and a PhD in Computer Science at TELECOM ParisTech, which gave me the opportunity to design the first libre partitioned OS: POK. I also worked as a software engineer at the European Space Agency for two years and a half. Even if rocket science is great, surviving to the Netherlands is pretty hard !

I used to teach at the EPITA engineer school for the GISTR department. Lectures and lab sessions are focused on software engineering: design methods, programming best practices, architecture and software design, etc.

I like running, hiking, reading and have lot of interests such as music, cinema or finance. I travel a lot and visited several countries in North America, Europe or Asia. I often have trips in other countries for various purposes. Do not hesitate to drop me an email to have a drink, a jog session or just watch time passing ! Also, for those who wonder where the avatar from the right comes from, this was a nice present from a student in the art domain that offers portraits and other drawings in Amsterdam. Thanks to her !


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