Pittsburgh do/don’t

Various links about Pittsburgh

The following links show you why Pittsburgh is a great city to live or visit!


If you are looking to shop for groceries around Pittsburgh, the following locations are just great! Also, during Summer, do not miss the Farmer’s Markets that take place in many neighborhoods.


For fitness aficionados and runners, the following places are worth to have a look. I would particularly recommend Steel City Road Runners, I usually join most of the weekly runs.

Event and Music


Many good places to go … I highly recommend local places, especially the Manor or the Hollywood theaters.



If you are looking for a good beer in the city, try independent, they have a lot of local micro brews and not the big names (Miller, Bud, etc.)! Also, see the Brecation link below to have an idea of where to go around the city!

Restaurant from DDD

If you like the show Diners, Drives-Ins and Dives, you would probably like to visit the following places.



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