Morris “Doc” Turner 5K Run/Walk

Unfortunately, this will not be an undie run
Unfortunately, this will not be an undie run

Everybody knows that I love running long distances, being outside of the city and admire the nature at work. The loneliness of the trails, the beauty of the trees, the rivers, all of this helps me to meditate and get rid of the daily stress. This is my outlet, my way to replenish my energy.

This is why I invite you to join the Morris “Doc” Turner 5K, a wonderful run in the city that will take place on a wonderful Sunday (May, 31). This race is all about what I love: short distance in the city, it is gonna be packed with A LOT of folks! So, why should you sign up? There are a few reasons:

  1. This event is promoted by a Steel City Road Runners friend, who is awesome and love running. She is awesome, probably not as much as the author of this website, but just for that, you should sign up.
  2. You support your local community: this event raises resources for the Highland Park Tennis Club’s Dr. Morris E. Turner Medical Scholarship which will be presented to a student in the Gateway Medical Society who is majoring in the medical field and for the Highland Park Tennis Club’s Free Summer Tennis Clinic
  3. There is a team for cool kids, called SCRR4EVER. This is dedicated to the Steel City Road Runners members but all the cool kids are welcome. So if you do not come, you are not a cool kid at all.
  4. If the weather is great, we can hang out together afterwards in the park. There will be yoga and exercises classes, music, food – everything for a great party!
  5. You can run there, do the race, have a good time with your friends and run back. Yep, an ultra for the price of a 5K (with food to fuel you in between)

As the event is a run or walk, there is no reason to pass. Sign up today on and join the team SCRR4EVER.

Hope to see you there on May, 31!

Morris “Doc” Turner 5K Run/Walk

Why running short-distance is as exciting as dating a 19 year-old girl

Since several months, there is a lot of excitement about short-distance races. 5K or 1 mile distances: runners seem to be excited about these short shakeout. Even running websites join the general excitement and declare short-distance as “freaking awesome”. Short-distance races seems to be the new trend.

As a stupid french contrarian and trail-enthusiast, I do not understand this new trend and what makes short-distances races so appealing. In fact, after thinking about it, it appears that short races sounds like dating young girl. But as racing, dating can also have it lot of issues (as shown in the following picture). There are a few reasons.

Common issue during a race or a date
Common issue during a race or a date


You do not go outside your comfort zone

As dating a 19 year old girl, running a 5K is easy. You have no time to feel any exhaustion or real effort, this is just too easy.

Do not be stupid, go for a race when you will experience and face a real challenge.



This is so quick that you have to do several of them

As dating a 19 years-old girl, running a 5K is quick. No matter if you are an experienced runner or not, you are done within a few minutes. It is so quick that you are trying several of them.

Do not be stupid, go for longer races and sign up for at least a half marathon.



The return on investment is just not worth it

As dating a 19 years-old girl, running a 5K is expensive, especially when you consider how long it last. At first, it seems to be cheap: you are paying $20 for going on a race. But let’s face it, there is nothing special about such a distance: you do not need any support, water or anything else! In addition, as the place is most of the time pretty packed, you have to pay for parking and other extra.

And as dating 19 years-old girls, you are doing several of them regularly. But let’s think about it: when adding up the prices of all these events, it makes the cost per mile pretty expensive, especially for something you usually do in the morning before breakfast.

Do not be stupid, sign up for a long distance run, the one when you will mean support, port-o-potty, water stops and snacks on the course.


Everybody want to go be part of it

As dating a 19 years-old girl, short-distance races are easy and give you a shot of adrenaline so that everybody want to be part of it. You end up by having too many competitors that try to battle to get the prize. But it does not really matter: it will not last and you will have to do it again soon.

Do not be stupid, sign up for a nice trail race, enjoy a wonderful course in the nature with friends!

“Hello, I have to go to the finish line”

They all look the same

As 19-years old girls, short-distance race all look the same. There is no attraction to do them! In fact, this is a side effect of being short and quick: you do not have the time to experience something special and/or go to unusual places! It usually starts and ends in a big area: in between, you have 3 miles that gives you the opportunity to share out and try to get some space.

Do not be stupid, go for a long trail. Enjoy the nature, the difficult of running hills and experience nice views!


Pre-5K meal - carb-load is the key!
Pre-5K meal – carb-load is the key!


To be attractive, they have to cheat!

As single 19 years-old girls, there are so many short-distance races that they have to have something special to be attractive. The color run, the ice cream race, any obstacle race, <insert-your-theme-here>: there is also a list of them. But there is nothing better than being naturally attractive!

Do not be stupid, experience the beauty of nature and sign up for a good trail race in the country side that will show you areas you never see, even you live there since several years.



This is a newbie thing

As dating 19-years old girls, short-distance runs are mostly a newbie thing. Sure, some experienced and smart runner might accidentally crash into these events. But this is in short-distance races that you will see people wearing hydration races packed with four bottles: two with water and two with gatorade. This is in short-distance races that you will see folks eating more than what you take as your regular daily food intake as their post-race meal. And this is the same folks that will complain during all the post-race festival about this knee/hamstring/foot injury they developed during this great 30 minutes endeavor. It does not matter if you just want to enjoy some time with your friend, they cannot stop talking about it and put their frustration and stress on you.

Do not be stupid, go for a trail race, packed with nice folks that offers a friendly post-race barbecue with local beer! Sharing a good meal with other runners is just priceless!


Why running short-distance is as exciting as dating a 19 year-old girl

FAAP 5K/10K: race report

At a glance

I registered to the FAAP 5K being held in Pittsburgh (North Park) in 2013. For this year, they had a 10K option as well, and registered for this one. The registration fees were $20 and this is supposed to support the Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh.

They were a lot of people attending the event. For a local race, this is a very well organized event, with more than 140 runners ! This is a very friendly event also and the post-race activities are very nice with traditional food and a dance show.

The race itself is in North Park, close to Pittsburgh. The race itself is really nice and you run in the woods (not on the road). For those who do not know the Park that much, this is also a good opportunity to discover it, especially because the race is quite demanding but go in beautiful area. The course has some strong elevation but not so demanding at all.

Pros and cons


  • Organization
  • Friendly, local race with nice post-party events
  • Affordable


  • For a race at this price and the current organization, I am still looking …

Let’s do it ?

If you are looking for a nice friendly race: go for it, you will have a lot of fun, either if you know the area or not. This is a 10K max, so, serious runners might not consider it. I think this is a good opportunity to support a good association and race with friends some trails and enjoy a nice trail. Finally, considering the price, this is definitively a go.

FAAP 5K/10K: race report