Enjoying the rest

Last week has been a weird one. From a personal side, my house has been totally redone. It was not possible to use the house for few days and there was dust all over the place. But now, I have a new office, everything is finished, I can now spend time and focus on what is important for me.

Awesome office!


I started to work on a new project for the Architecture Analysis and Design Language. The goal is to extend the modeling language by specifying security characteristics in software architecture models that will by used by analysis tools to check for potential security issues in the software. I already have a draft and I am now experimenting the approach and design new analysis tools. Everything will be made publicly available soon. This will be the foundation for the next talks and webinars during the next few months.

While browsing for my favorite music and making a playlist for a friend, I discovered a new artist: Mocky. This was exactly what I needed these days: a new artist to discover, a very refreshing and inspiring music. If you do not know this artist, I urge you to listen to what he is doing.

From a running side, my training has been slow these days and even if I am getting faster, I cut the weekly mileage and run on flat for the next weeks. I ran mostly for commuting purposes and have an average of 70 miles per week, which will help to maintain my fitness level. Also, I no longer do a lot of cross-training. Just enjoying the rest. I am working on losing 10 pounds and so far, have lost already two. This is harder to lose weight when exercising because I get hungry very easily. Also, as I am going out more often, I drink and eat a lot of unhealthy stuff. Which does not really matter, it just makes the process slower. But it does not really matter, I recently read a really good article by Emelie Forsberg about our relation with our body and I cannot agree more with her. I am now enjoying my time, just want to try to get back to my best racing weight but not at the expense of the fun I am having right now.

Rock’n the Knobb picture – when I just saw the post-race beer

Ah, there are a new set of pictures from Rock’n The Knobb, I found my face in the set – hard not to laugh. Thanks to Jeff Calvert for the pictures.


Enjoying the rest

Childhood stuff

Just discovered Kavinsky and its last release Outrun. A real treasure that stay in the portfolio of the records makers label. This album is a remix of many things related to the current 30s-40s generation, samples come from anime like Dragon Ball or Sankukai. Funny and interesting to see how it can be remixed and useful to produce electronic music.

A must-listen that proves good stuff might come from france !

Childhood stuff

New Daft Punk release.

As usual, review complain about the track, tons of fans are saying this is the death of Daft Punk. In some months, the same guy will say that Daft redefine the electronic music and will dance on this music for the next years until …the next album.

No matter what, this new single rocks, Daft is back on track !