How to Choose the Healthiest Salad Greens

How to Choose the Healthiest Salad Greens


Food Review: Chop’t

New discovery in the fast-food field: chop’t (see Located in Washington D.C and New York, they offer a selection of salad, toppings and dressings. It is up to you to build your salad or choose in a list of pre-defined recipes.

The ingredients come from local producer and the meat is range-free chicken or grass fed beef. So, the quality is here. Also, the taste is very good and this is a real pleasure to try different variation of a salad with combinations.

I have tested two different locations in D.C and the selection is very good and the salad, very tasty. Some may argue this is expensive (around $8/$10 for a meal) but this is the price you would pay for a good quality. 

Definitively a must-try if you go to New-York or DC, this is what we could called the responsible fast-food !

Food Review: Chop’t